Taste of Culture Recipes

About the Taste of Culture

The focus of the Good Neighbours Committee continues to be creating a welcoming and inclusive community for all, so that we have a society where racist behavior is unacceptable and mutual respect between individuals is honoured. The Taste of Culture has allowed diverse community members to come together to share recipes, stories and life while creating wonderful ‘tastes of culture’ in a community kitchen. These dishes were then offered to community in a celebration of culture and a coming together of community; the Taste of Culture highlights the richness of our community and the diversity we share in common. This recipe book is the telling of the shared journey and a present glimpse of some of the wonderful community members who gave of their time, effort and talent to bring you this beautiful resource.  
         ~ Charlyne Smilinski, Project Lead

Recipes by Continent:


Bannock, Saik’uz First Nation, Canada

Click to download:
Online recipe sheet_Bannock

Bannock, Ojibway First Nation, Canada

Click to download
Online recipe sheet_Bannock_ 2

Chocolate Brownies, United States

Click to download:
Online recipe sheet_Chocolate_Brownies

Whoopie Pies, United States

Click to download:
Online recipe sheet_Whoopie Pies


Amedellines, Argentina

Click to download:
Online recipe sheet_Amedellines


Fried Plantain with Shrimp & Spicy Tomato Sauce, Liberia

Online recipe sheet_Fried_Plantain

Spicy Couscous with Chicken, Sierra Leone

Online recipe sheet_Spicy_ Couscous

Drie Boontjie Slaai (Three Bean Salad), South Africa
Online recipe sheet_Drie_Boontjie_Slaai_Three_Bean_Salad

Boerewors Farmers Sausage, South Africa

Online recipe sheet_Boerewors_ Farmers_Sausage


Irish Stew, Ireland

Online recipe sheet_Irish_Stew

Rote Grütze, Germany

Online recipe sheet_Rote_Grütze

Pulla, Finland

Online recipe sheet_Pulla

Coconut Macaroons & Filled Almond Cookies, Holland

Online recipe sheet_Coconut_Macaroons_&_Filled_Almond_Cookies

Cream Puffs, Germany

Online recipe sheet_Cream_Puffs

Cookies Chocolate Chunk, Germany

Online recipe sheet_Chocolate_ Chunk_Cookies


Rice Bowls, Japan

Online recipe sheet_Rice_Bowls

Veggie Rolls, Vietnam

Online recipe sheet_Veggie_Rolls

Stir Fry Sweet Potato Noodle, South Korea

Online recipe sheet_Stir_Fry_Sweet_Potato_ Noodle

Kimchi, South Korea

Online recipe sheet_Kimchi

Urid Dal with Split Desi Pea Dal, India

Online recipe sheet_Urid_Dal

Chai Masala, India

Online recipe sheet_Chai_Masala

Middle Eastern Donuts, Israel

Online recipe sheet_Donuts

Sticky Rice Eggs in Coconut Milk, Cambodia

Online recipe sheet_Rice_Eggs

Casava Cake, Philippines

Online recipe sheet_Casava_Cake

Biko Sweet Sticky Rice Dessert,  Philippines

Online recipe sheet_Biko


Garlic and Chili BBQ Prawns, Australia

Online recipe sheet_BBQ_Prawns

Our purpose for each of the Taste of Culture events was to bring people together, who otherwise may not have the opportunity or courage to do so, and build relationships. This goal was accomplished two fold: through our time cooking together in the community kitchen; and during the event when everyone sat and ate together. The stories shared from each individual’s background were very intriguing and at times gut wrenching and full of pain, yet at other times joyous with words of success. It was good to have this time of sharing as it helped us to have a better understanding of each person’s culture and journey in life, and how even though we differ in age, up bringing and place of origin, our stories are each important and in some cases even similar. Although it was hard to hear the pain that some people have suffered and still suffer because of what happened to them in the past, it was uplifting to hear the good that people find through change and determination.
We believe our purpose of building relationships was successful and that we have built a legacy of understanding and compassion of cultural differences for those who are new to our community and those who have lived here for generations. This cookbook is another way that we can continue to share these stories and enjoy a taste of culture
     ~ Lan Ma, Taste of Culture Coordinator


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