Good Neighbours Committee History

The Home and Heart of GNC

Potlatch House – Stoney Creek Elders’ Society

A big “thank you” from Bernice and Pearl for the “meeting place extraordinaire!”

EARTH DAY – April 22nd, 2006

Over 200 community members came out to celebrate Earth Day and plant trees!
Young people making “Equality and Dignity” bracelets

Ken Young (Councillor) and Colleen Erickson (Chief, Saik’uz First Nation) deliver proclamation to communities of Vanderhoof and Saik’uz

Community garden plots available!

Public Awareness

Projects aimed at raising public awareness about racism and discrimination


Legacy of Lights HeroEs

Sam Quaw and Craig Hooper in “Trapper’s Cabin, Circa 1940‟ – Legacy of Lights 2005
David Gregg reading a Christmas story from Stuart McLean of CBC’s “Vinyl Café”

The community of Saik’uz participated in the annual Christmas Parade of Lights for the first time in 2001, and again in 2002.

In 2005, The Mary John Tribute Committee hosted the First Annual Legacy of Lights

The Potlatch House decked out for Christmas


First Nations peoples plan for seven generations

“What will be the impact in seven generations”? We have had ten years of focused diversity action and the opportunity exists to continue our efforts and truly leave a legacy for our children’s children.



3 responses to “Good Neighbours Committee History

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  2. Margaret Williams

    I am looking for the possibility of photos of the old Snell farm, and farmhouse particularly, which was located where the LDS church now is.

    My parents rented the farm in 1954, and I remember living in that historic home, and going to catch the school bus from there.

    With thanks,
    Margaret Williams

    • Ms. Williams:
      I was poking around and found your comment here. George Snell was my great grandfather. I was interested in reading that your family moved into the house in 1954. George died in 1953. His daughter Catherine was my paternal grandmother.
      I found one photo of the farm in the BC Archives.
      All the best,
      Gordon Clark

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