Saik’uz & Settlers

Join us at the Neighbourhood Space (on Highway 16, next to Subway) for a series of informal gatherings to discuss specific events and time periods in Vanderhoof’s history. Everyone is welcome to participate and share their experiences, thoughts and memories. From January 26th to March 1st, 2012. 7-9pm. See dates below.

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SCENES FROM THE PERFORMANCE (Click images to enlarge)



4 responses to “Saik’uz & Settlers

  1. Moments of real importance in community happen far too infrequently – this play was one moment of real importance that will continue to impact in ways not now known or even understood. It was truly a community change event! Thank you, Lisa and Sylvia and all the dedicated cast and crew who made this show a reality!!

  2. Congratulations and kudos to everyone who participated in and/or helped to make the “Saik’us and Settlers” play a huge success! Once again, the volunteer spirit of Vanderhoof showed up and gave their best, creating a stellar example of what can be accomplished when people set aside differences (and in fact, celebrate our differences) to pull together and create something amazing! It is impossible to mention the names of everyone who helped with this “mission” but you all know who you are and I am so proud and honored to be a part of the volunteer community of Vanderhoof! It has been my experience, having lived in Vanderhoof for over 30 years, that the general public of this awesome town, always steps up to the plate and supports whatever event is happening at any given time. For that, you deserve a huge “thank “you!! Without the community support, where would we be?

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