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Inside Africa fundraiser



Saturday a group of high school students who are planning a trip to Kenya to help villagers with a clean water project held a fundraising dinner at the Friendship Center in Vanderhoof.  In August Anna Pye will take six girls to Kenya where they will spend twelve days.  A video of scenes from Africa was presented in one area.  Entertainment was provided by Eagles Wings from Fiji and Sunshine Medallion a local group. 


The Welcoming Communities Committee had a booth in which Maha Sukkau presented upcoming community events including the open house at the Vanderhoof Public Library which will host the One Stop Information Center, a center to help new immigrants become informed about supports in our community.  

inside africa

The meal began with West African peanut soup with Khobz (Moroccan White Bread) grated carrot and ginger salad.  The main course consisted of African apricot  chicken skewers, South African Meatballs, rice accompanied by a Moroccan Tagine with beef and prunes, African spiced chicken wings and baked African sambusas.  The dessert was cinnamon spiced plantains.


Volunteer Opportunity!

Check out the latest opportunities on the Volunteer Vanderhoof page.

Please  contact Volunteer Vanderhoof for further information.    250-567-4879  ~


Volunteer Vanderhoof’s Radio Interview!

Sheila and Debra-Ann talk to Jeff from Valley Wolf about Volunteer Vanderhoof, and the Vanderhoof Seniors Connected (VSC) program! Listen to find out more about how you can get involved and volunteer in your community.

Valerie Pagdin Wins an iPad!

Valerie’s name was picked in a draw to win an iPad at the closing night of Saik’uz and Settlers.  People that signed on to the volunteer database had their names put in the draw, as well as all the cast and crew of the play (who all put in countless volunteer hours). Valerie was  one of the people in charge of costumes for the play.

Congratulations, Valerie!

Volunteer Vanderhoof: Brand New!

Volunteer Vanderhoof has two brand new co-ordinators, as well as a new blog!

Gail Kristiansen and Debra Bishop

Gail Kristianson and Debra Bishop form the team that will take Volunteer Vanderhoof to the next level. Both Gail and Debra have made a commitment to promote the organization, encourage new volunteers to register, meet with agencies and non-profit groups to assess their volunteer needs and inform volunteers of the opportunities in community.

Check out more at the newly revamped Volunteer Vanderhoof blog!

John Murphy: Super-Volunteer Honoured by Award

John Murphy, MP Dick Harris and Charlyne Smilinski

John Murphy of Vanderhoof will receive the Community Achievement Award at a ceremony in Victoria on April 20th, to be presented by Premier Christy Clark. Murphy has been an active community volunteer for as long as Vanderhoof residents can remember. He was a volunteer firefighter for 15 years, a community and recreation fundraiser, and a main organizer for building a much needed 33-unit seniors’ residence. John continues to make a difference in Vanderhoof by contributing his knowledge and skills to a project to build an activity centre for seniors.

See more at the Volunteer Vanderhoof blog.

Nearing the End; In Sight of the Beginning

Click here to see lots of information about the Spirit of Vanderhoof Diversity Project, a call for auditions and a call for volunteers! Get involved in the Vanderhoof community!