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A Feel-Good Anti-Bullying Message


Students Invite Seniors (The Stars) to Video Premiere!

Video students have a premiere showing of their productions to seniors at Riverside Place.

Students met with partnered seniors from Riverside Place for over one month. They spent time interviewing seniors and putting together short films which have been compiled together as one long film.

Community Members Dedicated to Diversity

Charlyne Smilinski

Former Diversity Coordinator, Access Facilitor, CNC Nechako
“Let’s build some bridges… We’re very excited about the project, the community and the change that we can see happen.”

Gerry Thiessen

Mayor, District of Vanderhoof
“The whole community is enriched when you can reach out and embrace other people, bring them in and work together and enjoy each others’ company.”

Jackie Thomas

Chief, Saik’uz First Nation
“My hope of an inclusive community would be just to accept people how they are.”

Reg Mueller

Diversity Coordinator, Good Neighbours Committee, CNC Nechako
“I’m looking forward to working with the leaders … and the different organizations to bring about change.”

Calvin Desmarais

Principal, First Nations Education, SD91 and GNC member
“I thought it was a good idea because the schools are always involved in being welcoming and inclusive.”

Maureen Mallais

Regional Director, Nechako Campus, CNC
“It’s about people honouring our differences and diversity, but really valuing our uniqueness, because it’s that very uniqueness that make us a stronger and better community.”

Ken Young

Vice Principal, Nechako Valley Secondary School, GNC member
“There’s been a lot of progress made, but we need to continue.”

Kevin Moutray

President, Chamber of Commerce, GNC member
“I’m really excited to sit on the committee and make Vanderhoof a more inclusive community.”

Kathie LaForge

Economic Development Officer, District of Vanderhoof
“I recognize the need for our community to present itself as a welcoming and inclusive community.”

Peter Rycks

Rotary Club of Vanderhoof, GNC member
“We’re supportive of the idea that we should reach out to each other in the different communities and that we should treat everyone as if they’re good neighbours.”

Darren Carpenter

Counselor, District of Vanderhoof, GNC member
“Our ongoing commitment is to the community accord… Working in partnership with the Good Neighbours Committee in terms of making our community more welcoming and diverse.”

Annerose Georgeson

Artist in residence, CNC Nechako, GNC member
“We went to lots of meetings at the Potlatch House and ate great bannock, people from Saikuz and people from Vanderhoof, we all sat together and talked about things.”

Colleen Erickson

Former Chief, Saik’uz First Nation, GNC member
“The Good Neighbours Committee creates opportunities for us to get together and share, share ourselves and our communities and create bonds.”

Senior Stories: Mary Brandis

Senior Stories: Bob Holmes

Senior Stories: Bert Irvine

Senior Stories: Hilda Villumsen

Hilda’s beautiful art is part of Senior Stories, a Spirit of Vanderhoof Diveristy Project. A group of high school video students recorded audio of seniors telling stories and created videos to complement the stories.