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Volunteer Opportunity!

Check out the latest opportunities on the Volunteer Vanderhoof page.

Please  contact Volunteer Vanderhoof for further information.    250-567-4879  ~


Volunteer Vanderhoof’s Radio Interview!

Sheila and Debra-Ann talk to Jeff from Valley Wolf about Volunteer Vanderhoof, and the Vanderhoof Seniors Connected (VSC) program! Listen to find out more about how you can get involved and volunteer in your community.

Saik’uz Elders Share History

Saik’uz Elders went over the history timeline with writer Michelle Roberge at a focus group on Tuesday. They shared a wealth of information and made corrections and suggestions for the coffee table book about Vanderhoof and Saik’uz.

Students Invite Seniors (The Stars) to Video Premiere!

Video students have a premiere showing of their productions to seniors at Riverside Place.

Students met with partnered seniors from Riverside Place for over one month. They spent time interviewing seniors and putting together short films which have been compiled together as one long film.

Why Did You Come to Vanderhoof? Why Did You Stay?

Mrs. Koch talks about her early experiences in Vanderhoof with Charlyne Smilinski

 Mrs. Koch came to join her husband who was working to build the dam. She got work in the hospital. She stayed because she “had a home here.”

If you have a quote about why you came to Vanderhoof, why you stayed and what you think of this community, please call 250-567-3200 and talk to Charlyne. Your quotes may be published in a coffee table book!

Senior Stories: Mary Brandis

Senior Stories: Bob Holmes