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Katimavik Diversity Mural

Katimavik youth happily volunteered to paint a diversity mural showing multi-culturalism. Photos by Kyra Mullen. For more information about Katimavik, go to the Go Katimavik blog or the Katimavik website.


Beautiful Katimavik Mural

There is another mural at the Neighbourhood Space!
Katimavik volunteers were busy on Saturday making art on the wall. It makes the space so much more friendly!


Check out photos of teens at the youth centre – playing games, hanging out and enjoying each others company.

Mural process

Students at the Youth Centre were asked what they would include in a mural about Vanderhoof. They responded that the mural must include Nechako River and Sinkut Mountain.

Then youth were asked to submit their own drawings about Vanderhoof and Diversity. They were asked to think about what would make Vanderhoof a welcoming community.

 Their drawings were combined in a working sketch, which was transferred to the wall.

Youth painted first the aerial view of Nechako River, then Sinkut Mountain and the sun in the bright blue sky, and finally the circles with all of the student drawings.

 For lots of more photos of young people painting the mural, please click on “Mural” under Categories at the right side of the webpage.

Mural Sept 7

Look what Vanderhoof Youth can do!

For a cool series of photos showing the progression of painting the mural, and a description of the process, go to the Mural Page (at the top of the page under The Good Neighbours Committee Blog title)

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Mural circles

September 2 Mural painting