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Under Our Skin

Under Our Skin

Under our Skin: What do we mean when we talk about race?

Brief Description:
Video and storytelling project based in Seattle has people define controversial words – like racism, ally, diversity – in their own words. Spend some time exploring this very powerful project!

“We decided to examine words and phrases that we noticed people using — and interpreting — very differently. Then we invited 18 people who represent a mix of backgrounds and perspectives to our video studio to talk about what those expressions mean to them. In a few cases, our subjects suggested terms we hadn’t included and we added them in subsequent interviews. Our conversations went well beyond the words into the experiences in each of the interviewees’ lives. They often lasted several hours, and were insightful, thought-provoking, honest, at times funny — and sometimes uncomfortable. We invite you to share the videos with friends, family, colleagues, students — and let us know what results from that. We’d also like to hear your ideas for future coverage because this is the beginning of what we hope will be an ongoing conversation with you, our viewers.”


Breaking Down White Priviledge

This video describes an event where a woman experienced discrimination based on her race and how the situation was affected when her sister in-law stepped in and used her ‘white privilege’ to start a discussion about what was happening and why.

The Staircase of Oppression

An engaging TedTalk on how stereotypes can quickly lead to discrimination, and what the impact of power and privilege is in our society. Angela provides honest examples to help us reflect on our own experiences of power and privilege.

Building Cultural Competency


A group of 13 ladies met yesterday @ the Space to help supporting Vita’s trip to the Philippines, building relationships and cultural competence.
The group would like to thank CNC for providing the facility to meet. I had a meeting with two ladies this morning. They provided great positive feedback and some future meeting in reporting about the trip evening and other ideas.



Multicultural Women’s Fun Night


Inside Africa fundraiser



Saturday a group of high school students who are planning a trip to Kenya to help villagers with a clean water project held a fundraising dinner at the Friendship Center in Vanderhoof.  In August Anna Pye will take six girls to Kenya where they will spend twelve days.  A video of scenes from Africa was presented in one area.  Entertainment was provided by Eagles Wings from Fiji and Sunshine Medallion a local group. 


The Welcoming Communities Committee had a booth in which Maha Sukkau presented upcoming community events including the open house at the Vanderhoof Public Library which will host the One Stop Information Center, a center to help new immigrants become informed about supports in our community.  

inside africa

The meal began with West African peanut soup with Khobz (Moroccan White Bread) grated carrot and ginger salad.  The main course consisted of African apricot  chicken skewers, South African Meatballs, rice accompanied by a Moroccan Tagine with beef and prunes, African spiced chicken wings and baked African sambusas.  The dessert was cinnamon spiced plantains.

Vanderhoof is a welcoming and inclusive community…

The Good Neighbours Committee at work ….

Check out the District of Vanderhoof website  for a slideshow of photos and a welcome to our community.

“Vanderhoof is a welcoming and inclusive community. We are known for our friendly residents and we have a reputation for being a great place to live, raise a family and do business. We pride ourselves on the “Vanderhoof Advantage,” building on the strengths of our people, their work ethic and our collaborative spirit.”  … (read more)