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This Multicultural learning event and dinner is part of a larger Racism Awareness project funded by the Province of British Columbia and hosted by the Nechako Creative Communities Collective (NC3) and the Good Neighbours Committee. The larger project included presentations of excerpts of ‘Mirrors” – a play about how the settler community unconsciously perpetuates hurt against Indigenous peoples in our region.


Each performance was followed by a facilitated dialogue so that the audience could process the scenes they saw and we could all share together how to be better neighbours to each other, which is what we ALL want, regardless of background.


The Dinner is the culmination of 5 cooking/learning workshops where participants got to learn about each other’s cultures/ethnic origins, through the medium of food (something else we ALL want!).

Mutual understanding, curiosity and learning created an atmosphere of generosity and belonging for everyone. Come to the dinner and share in the process!

Mirrors Word Cloud

word cloud
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This word cloud was created from responses given by participants in the three Mirrors Project play workshops this month. The responses were elicited at the end of each play workshop as a closing exercise (participants were asked to say one word that described how they were feeling about what they’d experienced in the play workshop). The word cloud creates a telling visual of their responses! Thanks to all who participated.


Celebrating Diversity through the Arts

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PESL Workshop

progressive workshop 1

progressive workshop 2

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Employment workshop by Progressive Employment Services hosted by Welcoming Communities at the Neighbourhood Space, January 29, 2014.


Employment Services and Labour Standards Workshop

With Progressive Employment.

Wednesday January 29, 1 – 2:30
at the Neighbourhood Space

Light refreshments

Contact Welcoming Communities Coordinator, Ellie
for more information 250 570 9084

Philosopher’s Café


Join the Conversation – Everyone Welcome!

Date: January 15, 2014
Time: 6:00- 8:00pm
Place: Neighbourhood Space
Topic: “Free Will”
Guest Speaker: Gavin Ireland (Bachelor of Political Science with Minor in Philosophy)
Coordinator: Ellie Sampson (Welcoming Communities Coordinator)

Philosophers’ Cafés are based on the belief that we all have the capacity to employ philosophic inquiry. In fact, the classical Greek Philosopher, Socrates, did not believe that he understood any more about humanity than anyone else. He practiced an open system of philosophy which sought the truth by questioning what we truly know of what we claim. By engaging in discussions such as, “Is Art in the Eye of the Beholder” or “What is the basis for social changes?” we can examine our own preconceived ideas while being exposed to or challenged by other perspectives – all in a friendly and supportive environment.

Please contact:
Jamie Werner CALP (Community Adult Literacy Program)
College of New Caledonia
Phone: 250 567 4879 or E-mail: