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John Murphy: Super-Volunteer Honoured by Award

John Murphy, MP Dick Harris and Charlyne Smilinski

John Murphy of Vanderhoof will receive the Community Achievement Award at a ceremony in Victoria on April 20th, to be presented by Premier Christy Clark. Murphy has been an active community volunteer for as long as Vanderhoof residents can remember. He was a volunteer firefighter for 15 years, a community and recreation fundraiser, and a main organizer for building a much needed 33-unit seniors’ residence. John continues to make a difference in Vanderhoof by contributing his knowledge and skills to a project to build an activity centre for seniors.

See more at the Volunteer Vanderhoof blog.


Rosewood’s Diary

More Nadleh Whut’en Dancer Photos

Nadleh Whut’en Dancers

The Nadleh Whut’en Dancers gave a presentation for students at NVSS. They will be performing at the Olympics!


Plants and Medicines of the Carrier Nation

Based on the traditional knowledge of Sophie Thomas, Saik'uz Elder and Healer

This book describes the medicinal use of 22 plants. Each plant is identified by its Carrier name, English common name, and scientific name and is illustrated by one or more colour photographs. Aspects of the collection and preparation are described and illustrated.

Elder Sophie Thomas

“If we look after our earth, it will look after us.
If we destroy it, we’ll destroy ourselves.”

-Sophie Thomas, Traditional Healer of the Carrier Nation

Sophie Thomas of Vanderhoof accepts her Queen Elizabeth Jubilee medal. Thomas received her medal for her work as an advocate and educator of local aboriginal culture.

Sophie is a member of the Saik’uz First Nation, located at Stoney Creek near Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada. Saik’uz is part of a larger Carrier Nation, comprising a number of First Nation communities in the north central part of BC. The Carrier people were given the name “Carrier” since they were known to carry the ashes of family members who had passed away.

Sophie Thomas has conducted many, many workshops in Western North American to reintroduce First Nations to traditional healing knowledge.

She is a person of knowledge; those that are currently doing their utmost to revive the traditional medicines look to her for answers. She is one of only a few individuals who retain the traditional First Nations knowledge of edible and medicinal plant use.

For more information, check the Sophie Thomas website.

The Olympic Torch is Coming to Vanderhoof!

The Olympic torch is coming to Vanderhoof: Day 93, January 30, 2010!