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114 Fence Boards!

The fence looks so good! 114 boards are all lined up at CNC waiting for the summer when they will be installed at The Bean. More keep coming in almost every day. Thank you so much to all the artists from NVSS! Thank you to the classes of Mr. Mueller, Ms. Pye and Ms. Daniels. You are helping to make our town beautiful.

Various groups worked on these fence boards, including:

  • Carvers from Saik’uz
  • Students at the Neighbourhood Space Youth Centre
  • Kids at daycare
  • Seniors from Vanderhoof Seniors Connected (VSC)
  • School kids from Northside Christian
  • Art classes at NVSS
  • Katimavik
  • Special Needs class at NVSS
  • Students at Spring Break recreation activity
  • Local artists

Thank you to everyone who participated!


NVSS Artistry Shows on Fence Boards

This fence is going to be so cool… Thanks for all your hard work students!
To see a gallery of completed fence boards, go to the
Community Fence page under the Projects tab.

Aren’t They Beautiful?

And many more boards are in production! Here is the fence display at CNC Nechako:

It’s Cold Outside…

… But these girls are staying warm inside and painting at the College of New Caledonia!


Colourful and Artistic Fence

Check out some more fence boards!:

If you would like to participate in this colourful venture, stop by the Neighbourhood Space and pick up a board.

For a gallery of completed fence boards, go to the Community Fence page under the Projects tab.

Katimavik Fence Boards!

Katimavik Fence Work Bee