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Saik’uz Elders Share History

Saik’uz Elders went over the history timeline with writer Michelle Roberge at a focus group on Tuesday. They shared a wealth of information and made corrections and suggestions for the coffee table book about Vanderhoof and Saik’uz.


Why Did You Come to Vanderhoof? Why Did You Stay?

Mrs. Koch talks about her early experiences in Vanderhoof with Charlyne Smilinski

 Mrs. Koch came to join her husband who was working to build the dam. She got work in the hospital. She stayed because she “had a home here.”

If you have a quote about why you came to Vanderhoof, why you stayed and what you think of this community, please call 250-567-3200 and talk to Charlyne. Your quotes may be published in a coffee table book!

Call for Submissions – Coffee Table Book/DVD!

The Good Neighbours Committee is seeking photographs, videos and quotes by residents of Vanderhoof and Saik’uz for the Vanderhoof Diversity Project Coffee Table Book and DVD.

The purpose of the book and DVD is to present how immigration into the Nechako Valley, from the First Nation people thousands of years ago to the most recent immigrants of Vanderhoof, have each added to the greatness and richness of the area.

Your images (still and motion) and quotes may be included in this project and shared with the community and those considering Vanderhoof as their new home. In particular we are seeking:

of hunting, water sports and activities, church gatherings, fall fair, Saik’uz First Nation events and gatherings, spring and summer outdoor activities.

of churches and church gatherings, Saik’uz First Nation events and gatherings, images that represent diversity in our community, bike park, spring and summer activities, youth.

Written answers for the following questions:
How did you come
to Vanderhoof?
Why did you stay here?
What is your definition of inclusiveness
What words do you use to describe our community?

Please make sure your answers are 20 words or less per question.

Submit your photos or written answers to (please limit photo submissions to five per subject). Call Anna at 250-567-8042 if you have video clips. For more information on the overall project, please call Charlyne at 250-567-3211.

Seniors Focus Group

Michelle Roberge and Charlyne Smilinski presented a draft copy of a coffee table book about Vanderhoof to a focus group – the Seniors Group at Riverside Place.  The seniors gave valuable feedback, including lots of information about Vanderhoof, especially their personal history experience. Thank you!

Focus Group for Coffee Table Book

Members of the Good Neighbours Committee and the general public met last evening to see the first draft of a coffee table book and accompanying DVD about Vanderhoof and immigration.

This is a Spirit of Vanderhoof Diversity project.